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Fiberglass Windows

Get It All With Fiberglass Windows

Oak laminated fiberglass window with gold handle isolated on white background

Some types of windows provide awesome aesthetics. Other types of windows provide superb insulation quality. Then there are fiberglass windows: they provide everything and then some.

Not only are fiberglass windows highly attractive but durable, insulative, strong, secure, environmentally friendly, and more. They excel on essentially every front.

Interested in learning more about new fiberglass windows? Then read on. Here’s everything there is to know.

The Benefits of Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows offer homeowners a variety of benefits. Some of the most prominent of these benefits include:

Great Durability

If you’re looking for max durability in your window material, fiberglass is the material you seek. This material is resistant to both water and sunlight, allowing it to thrive through decades of use. It’s not unusual for fiberglass windows to last as long as 50 years. None of its competitors even come close, with vinyl topping out at around 35 years, and wood topping out at around 25 years.

Low Maintenance

Because fiberglass windows are resistant to both water and sunlight, they’re exceedingly easy to maintain. Generally speaking, you can get them through the years with regular cleanings. This is in contrast to a material like wood, which needs to be regularly sealed and repainted.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Fiberglass windows are available in a number of different styles, all of which are aesthetically pleasing. Often designed to look like wood, fiberglass doesn’t lose any of its shine over the years. It will look great on your home for the next 35 to 50 years.

Whether you want white fiberglass windows, black fiberglass windows, fiberglass windows with a wood-like appearance, or some other style, it’s probably available. Call us for more information on what’s out there currently.

Trauma Resistant

Not only are fiberglass windows resistant to moisture and sunlight but to physical trauma as well. Whether it’s denting, cracking, or scratching or otherwise, fiberglass will generally hold up against aggressive physical contact.

This isn’t necessarily true of a material like wood or even vinyl, for that matter. Fiberglass is the strongest of the strong.


When it comes to windows, insulation is hugely important. Bad window insulation can drastically increase your energy usage, thus also increasing the costs of your energy bills. Fiberglass windows are extremely insulative, preventing the inward flow of both heat and cold. As such, by installing fiberglass windows, you are also effectively lowering your energy costs.

This can help you pay off the higher cost of fiberglass windows over the years. It can also help to keep your home comfortable during the brutal winter months.

Interested in Purchasing Fiberglass Replacement Windows?

What do you think? Are fiberglass windows for you? If so and if you’re looking for fiberglass windows in Des Plaines, we here at EV Windows are the people to see.

We offer a variety of fiberglass windows, from black fiberglass windows to fiberglass casement windows and more. Simply put, we offer the best fiberglass windows on the market.

Contact us today to discuss your options!