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Wood Windows

Take Your Home to the Next Level With Wood Windows

Double glazed wooden window frame in the home in the autumn

Looking to provide your home with a natural and luxurious aesthetic? If so, you should consider installing wood windows. These windows possess an authentic feel that can’t be supplied by any other type of window. In addition, they provide a great deal in the way of functionality.

Interested in learning more about wood-framed windows? You’re in the right place. Here’s everything there is to know about wood-trimmed windows in Des Plaines.

A Number of Different Wood Framed Windows Available

We offer all kinds of wood-trimmed windows, each of which offers a different set of pros and cons. Some of the different types of wood-clad windows are as follows.

Wooden Sliding Windows

Wooden sliding windows are wider than they are tall, allowing them to offer up a great deal of peripheral vision. Opening in a left-right manner, they generally consist of a single moving sash. This allows for a good amount of ventilation variation, in addition to natural sunlight.

Wood Casement Windows

Wood casement windows are generally taller than they are wide. They open with the help of a crank. This crank is turned in circles, all the while opening the window to different degrees. This allows for a substantial amount of ventilation variation, while also providing ample sunlight and visibility.

Wood Double Hung Windows

Another type of wood window is wood double-hung windows. These possess greater height than the width and open in an up-down manner. Double-hung windows are equipped with two moving sashes, allowing for excellent ventilation as well as easy maintenance.

Wood Storm Windows

Wood storm windows are specifically designed to withstand the effects of storms. Built with extra sturdy glass, they thrive in the face of falling branches, thrown stones, and other havoc-causing entities.

Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

Not only are there pure wood windows available but aluminum-clad wood windows as well. These possess characteristics of both materials and thrive on both functional and aesthetic levels. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, these might be the choice for you.

A Range of Wood Window Services

We offer a range of wood window-related services. These run the gamut from wood window installation to wood window maintenance to wood window repair to wood window sash replacement and more.

We’ve provided wood window services to a bevy of Des Plaines area homeowners. Regardless of your needs, we can serve you well.

Need a Wood Window Replacement in Des Plaines?

If you’re interested in installing new wood windows and if you’re looking for wood window replacement in Des Plaines, look no further than the professionals with EV Windows. We’ve facilitated wood window installation for countless Des Plaines area homeowners.

Not only do we supply wood casement windows but wooden sash windows, aluminum-clad wood windows, wood double-hung windows, wood storm windows, and more. Our hardwood windows come from only the best of suppliers and thrive in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

Contact us now to discuss your wood window needs!