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Looking for Affordable Windows in Northwest Cook County, Illinois? Here Are Your Options

Are your home’s windows past their prime? Are you looking to replace them? If you’re like many homeowners, you probably don’t want to spend a ton of money on new windows. As such, many homeowners start by searching online for affordable windows in Northwest Cook County, Illinois when it’s time for a window replacement.

If you fall under this category, then you’ve come to the right place. EV Windows is the top-rated company for affordable windows in northwest Cook County. Whether your home is in Itasca, Schaumburg, Wheeling, Des Plaines, Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Barrington Hills, or some other northwest Cook County suburb, we can help you find the windows you’re looking for.

Many Types of Window Materials to Choose From

Regardless of the window material you’re looking for, we have it, and we offer it at an affordable price. Our materials include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

Wood Windows

Wood windows thrive both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Possessing an authentic look, tons of insulation, and above-average durability, high-quality wood windows can take a home to a whole new level.

Vinyl Windows

A highly popular option for Chicagoland homeowners, vinyl windows are durable, affordable, and low maintenance. Available in a range of colors, you can find an option that matches with any existing aesthetic. If you’re looking for the most affordable option available, look no further than vinyl windows.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are a little more expensive than wood and vinyl windows. With that said, they tend to last longer, while also providing an attractive aesthetic and excellent insulation. If you’re looking to get a lot of value for the price, fiberglass might just be the ideal choice for your home.

Available in Several Styles

Our replacement windows come in several different styles. Some of the most popular styles we offer include the following:

Hung Windows

Opening in an up-and-down manner, hung windows are available with either one sash or two. They are affordable and simple, and they’re great for all kinds of rooms.

Casement Windows

Casement windows open in an in-and-out manner, making use of a small crank to do so. Generally taller than they are wide, they’re entirely transparent in their centers, offering top-notch visibility and sunlight.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows consist of a series of angled windowpanes. Whereas bay windows have three panes, bow windows have between four and six panes. Both types of windows protrude past their homes’ exteriors, providing dimension and atmosphere to the home. If you’re looking for a window that can serve as the aesthetic centerpiece of a room, you should consider a bay or bow window.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are quite unique in that, when they’re opened, they possess the appearance of an awning. This is because they’re hinged to the tops of their respective frames, and they are pushed out past the exteriors of their corresponding buildings when they’re opened.

The big functional benefit of awning windows is that they repel rain. However, in terms of aesthetics, they offer a great deal of texture and dimension to a building.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are windows that cannot be opened. They simply consist of a frame and a pane of glass. Available in several shapes and sizes, they’re one of the most affordable replacement window options out there. In most cases, these windows are installed at high-reaching areas, as they provide visibility and sunlight to those areas without any of the risk associated with traditional windows.

Looking to Install Affordable Windows in Northwest Cook County, Illinois?

If you’re looking for affordable windows in northwest Cook County, Illinois, look no further than EV Windows. We have worked with homeowners all over northwest Cook County — from Buffalo Grove to Wheeling to Itasca to Barrington Hills to Schaumburg and everywhere in between. Regardless of your window replacement needs, we have you covered. Contact us today to get started.