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Replacement Windows

All Types of Replacement Windows to Choose From

Construction worker installing a window in the house. Handyman fixing the window with a screwdriver.

As time passes, windows deteriorate, losing both their aesthetics and their functionality. As such, every 20 to 35 years, windows need to be replaced.

Are you looking to replace your windows currently? Curious as to the different types of replacement windows available to you? We here at EV Windows have you covered. Here is a list of your options.

Replacement Window Materials

We offer replacement windows in a number of different materials. These materials include the following.


Wood replacement windows are both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. Possessing an earthy and natural look, they can be painted or stained to accommodate any style preference. In addition, they’re durable and insulative.


If you’re looking to spend as little money as possible, you should consider going with vinyl replacement windows. These windows are low-maintenance, durable, insulative, and aesthetically pleasing. Available in a number of colors, there’s sure to be one that suits your style preferences.


Fiberglass windows have characteristics of both wood and vinyl windows. Whereas they’re often designed to look like wood windows, they possess the low-maintenance and water-resistant capabilities of vinyl. That said, they’re more durable than vinyl, and can often provide more bang for their buck.

Replacement Window Styles

Not only are replacement windows available in a number of different materials but in a number of different styles as well. These styles include but aren’t limited to the following.

Hung Windows

Hung windows are available in both single and double-hung styles. Single-hung windows have a single sash. Double-hung windows have two sashes. These windows are taller than they are wide and provide a great deal of ventilation variation. Note, however, that double-hung windows provide more ventilation than single-hung windows.

Whether you need a hung window replacement or a window sash replacement, you can be accommodated.

Casement Windows

Another option to consider is replacement casement windows. These windows stand taller than they are wide and open in an in-out manner. They’re opened with the use of a small crank. This crank is turned in a circular motion, allowing for more or less ventilation when needed.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are wider than they are tall and slide open and closed in a left-right manner. They offer tons of peripheral vision while also allowing for a good deal of ventilation variation. Whether you need a sliding window replacement or a sliding door glass replacement, we’ll have you covered.

Bow/Bay Windows

Bow and bay windows are large architectural windows that you’ll commonly find in living rooms and dining rooms. They extend out past the exteriors of their respective homes, providing ample sunlight and visibility in the process. Consisting of between 3 and 6 separate window panes, these windows allow for endless ventilation variation.

Need Replacement Windows in Des Plaines?

If you do, indeed, need window replacement in Des Plaines, we here at EV Windows are the people to see. We’ve supplied and replaced windows on countless Des Plaines area homes.

Whether you need double-hung window replacement, vinyl replacement windows, garage window replacement, window sill replacement, house window replacement, basement window replacement, or otherwise, we can accommodate you.

Contact us now to discuss the best replacement windows on the market today!