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Slider Windows

Heighten the Atmosphere With Slider Windows

Sliding glass door and his ventilation system, before painting the wall

Windows open in all sorts of manners. Some open in an up-down manner; others open in an in-out manner, and then there are the windows that open in a left-right manner. Those are called slider windows and they’re useful in everything from kitchens to bedrooms to living rooms and more.

Generally possessing more width than they do height, side sliding windows tend to offer superb peripheral vision as well as a good deal of ventilation variation. Interested in learning more about them? Here’s everything there is to know.

Types of Sliding Windows

Sliding windows come in many different styles and types. Some of the more popular types of sliding windows include:

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Horizontal sliding windows are the most common type of slider windows. These windows possess greater width than they do height, offering substantial peripheral vision.

Vertical Sliding Windows

Vertical sliding windows are taller than they are wide. This enables them to allow in a little more sunlight than do their horizontal counterparts.

Sliding Basement Windows

Found at the upper portions of basements, sliding basement windows offer a semblance of vision from an otherwise closed-off room. When used in this manner, these windows can provide a basement with both ventilation and natural sunlight.

Wooden Sliding Windows

Wooden sliding windows offer insulation, durability, and a high-end aesthetic. Capable of being painted a variety of colors, they can help to transform the look of a house.

Vinyl Sliding Windows

Vinyl sliders are popular for their low cost and high functionality. Available in a number of different colors, they can match any decor.

Aluminum Sliding Windows

Aluminum horizontal sliding windows are another option you can utilize. Aluminum windows possess an intriguing aesthetic to go with high durability and insulation.

The Benefits of Sliding Window Installation

Sliding window replacement offers a number of benefits. The most prominent of these benefits include the following.

Excellent Peripheral Vision

As was noted, most slider windows are wider than they are tall. As such, they provide terrific peripheral vision. They enable you to catch panoramic views of what’s going on outside of your home.

Easy to Open

Slider windows are exceedingly easy to open. Simply unlatch the lock and give the sash a push. You’ll be experiencing airflow in a matter of seconds. You can even do it from a seated position.

Superb Ventilation Variation

Whether you want a little airflow or a lot of airflows, your sliding window will accommodate you. These windows can be adjusted to a great many degrees of positioning, allowing for personalized airflow on command.

Ready to Install Slider Windows in Des Plaines?

As you can see, slider windows offer a number of benefits and can suit many different types of rooms. Available in a variety of sizes and materials, they’re a solid option for any purpose.

If you’re looking to install slider windows in Des Plaines, we here at EV Windows can help you. We offer everything from small sliding windows to large sliding windows to custom sliding windows and more.

Contact us now to discuss your needs!