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Bows, Bays, Shapes, & More Windows

Heighten Your Room’s Aesthetic With Bow Windows or Bay Windows

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If you’re looking to furnish a room with a substantial amount of sunlight, you should consider installing a bow or bay window. These large windows consist of 3 to 6 separate window panes, all of which are angled against one another and jut out past the exteriors of their respective homes.

Bay and bow windows are architectural windows that can serve as the centerpieces of the rooms in which they’re installed. They not only offer tons of sunlight but a great deal of visibility and ventilation as well. Learn more about bow and bay window options by reading below!

Benefitting from Bow and/or Bay Windows

There are a number of benefits to be reaped from bow and bay windows. These benefits include but aren’t limited to the following.

Substantial Sunlight

No type of window allows for more natural sunlight than the bow/bay window. Due to their size and the fact that they stick out past the exteriors of their respective homes, bay and bow windows can light up an entire room. This makes them great for living rooms and dining rooms, in particular.

Great Visibility

Bay and bow windows are large windows that comprise a large portion of the walls upon which they’re mounted. As such, they provide great visibility. Not only do they allow for a great deal of peripheral vision but up and down vision as well.

Excellent Ventilation Variation

As was noted above, bay and bow windows consist of between 3 and 6 separate window panes. Depending on the style of window you purchase, anywhere from 1 to 6 of these windows can open. As such, bay and bow windows allow for a great deal of ventilation variation.

If you want to feel a full blast of air coming into your room, these windows will accommodate you. If you just want a crack of air, they’ll accommodate you on that account as well.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Bay and bow windows are unique in that they themselves are works of art. As such, they not only provide a room with a great deal of outdoor atmosphere but they also provide it with a sort of high-end flavor.

Bow and Bay Window Styles

There are many different styles of bay and bow windows. Some of the styles you might be interested in include:

Casement Bay Windows

Casement bay windows make use of cranks as a means of opening and closing. Just turn these cranks in a circular motion and you’ll be able to open the various parts of your bay or bow window to varying degrees.

Corner Bay Windows

Interested in installing a bow or bay window in the corner of a room? If so, there are corner options available to you. These bridge the gap between two perpendicular portions of the wall, helping to give a room an attractive and intriguing vibe.

Double Hung Bay Windows

Double-hung bay windows are essentially a series of double-hung windows that are attached to one another. They can be opened from both their tops and bottoms, allowing for a substantial amount of ventilation variation. 

Need Bow or Bay Window Replacement in Des Plaines?

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We offer all types of bow and bay windows, from casement bay windows to double hung bay windows to corner bay windows to vinyl bay windows and more. Regardless of the type you choose, if you need help installing a bay window or bow window, we can assist you.

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