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Casement Window Replacement in Schaumburg, Palatine, Glenview, and Beyond

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Have your windows reached the end of their lifespan? After a certain number of years, residential windows will eventually lose their aesthetic luster and struggle to keep heat and cold out of your home. When this occurs, it’s time for a replacement.

Today, many homeowners are replacing their old windows with casement windows. If you are ready to make the switch, our team at EV Windows is here to help. As the top-rated window replacement company in the Schaumburg area, and we have installed new casement windows for homeowners throughout Schaumburg, Palatine, Glenview, Elk Grove Village, Long Grove, Buffalo Grove, Mount Prospect, Wheeling, Park Ridge, and beyond.

Are you looking for more information about casement windows and the specific benefits they provide? We are going to discuss everything you should know below.

What Is a Casement Window?

A casement window is a window that is taller than it is wise. It opens in an in-and-out manner, and it swivels off a single fulcrum. It can be opened and closed with the use of a hand crank.

Casement windows have no visual impairments. This is because they don’t require vertical or horizontal crossbars. As such, they provide 100% clear vision, allowing homeowners to see through them without any distractions.

The Benefits of Casement Windows

Casement windows offer a wide range of benefits, which we will review below.

Full Visibility

One of the most well-known benefits of casement windows is that they provide full visibility through their viewing areas. This differs from hung windows, for example, which contain a horizontal crossbar that blocks a portion of your view.

No other window provides as much uninterrupted vision as a casement window. They provide a clear view when looking out at your property.

Excellent Ventilation Capabilities

Casement windows open in an in-out manner, utilizing a hand crank to adjust to varying degrees. Because of this, they provide tons of ventilation capabilities. Whether you want just a crack of ventilation or as much airflow as possible, a casement window will accommodate your preferences.

High Security

Another benefit of casement windows is their security capabilities. These windows are extremely difficult to open from the outside of a home. This is because they do not have cross panels. Plus, their locks exist within the window frame for additional security.

If you want your windows to be as secure as possible, your replacement windows company may recommend installing casement windows.

Terrific Energy Efficiency

The last benefit of casement windows we’ll discuss is their high level of energy efficiency. When these windows are in the closed position, they are completely sealed off at their edges. As such, they do a great job of keeping heating and cold from seeping in, and vice versa. This, in turn, takes some of the strain off your home’s HVAC system, resulting in as little energy usage as possible.

Available in a Variety of Materials

At EV Windows, our casement windows are available in a wide range of materials. These vary from wood to vinyl to steel and more, with each option providing its own set of pros and cons. Regardless of the material you’re looking to install, we can get the job done right.

Looking for a Casement Window Replacement Company in Schaumburg or the Surrounding Suburbs?

Are you ready to have new casement windows installed in your home? Looking to have them installed by the best replacement windows company in Schaumburg, Palatine, Glenview, Park Ridge, Wheeling, Buffalo Grove, Long Grove, Mount Prospect, or Elk Grove Village? If so, EV Windows is the company to call.

We have installed all types of casement windows throughout the Schaumburg area and beyond. Regardless of the types of windows you’re looking to install, we would be happy to assist you. Contact us today to get started.