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Open a New Line of Sight With a Picture Window

One window of a wooden house, Decorated With Fresh Flowers

There are all sorts of windows on the market, the vast majority of which are capable of opening. However, what if you’re in need of a window that doesn’t open? In that case, you would turn to a picture window.

Picture framed windows are stationary windows that mount to their respective walls. They’re available in a number of shapes and sizes and are used in rooms of all kinds.

Looking to learn more about picture windows in Des Plaines, Illinois. We’re going to cover them in detail below.

Picture Window Styles

Replacement picture windows come in a variety of styles. These styles include but aren’t limited to:

Casement Picture Windows

Casement picture windows are picture windows that are designed to look like casement windows. In other words, they don’t possess any crossbars or visual obstructions. They’re taller than they are wide and offer complete, undisturbed vision from all angles.

Double Hung Picture Windows

Double-hung picture windows have the appearance of a closed double-hung window. In other words, they have a horizontal panel that intersects their middle sections. Consisting of two window panes, double-hung picture windows provide a great deal of visibility not to mention symmetry.

Living Room Picture Windows

Living room picture windows are characterized by their size, which is usually quite big. These windows can come in standard rectangles, or they can come as bow or bay windows. The latter types of windows are architectural in nature and can bring a great deal of atmosphere to a room.

Custom Picture Windows

Picture windows can be made in a variety of different styles. It’s all up to the client’s imagination. There are custom picture windows available to suit unique style preferences, from stars to ovals to circles and more.

The Benefits of Picture Windows

Picture windows offer up several benefits. Their primary benefits include the following.

Can’t Be Opened

This might not seem like a benefit on its surface, but the fact that picture windows can’t be opened can be highly beneficial in certain situations. For instance, if you want to put a window at a high point of your house, ensuring that it can’t be opened could prevent tragic accidents. Therefore, a picture window would fit the bill perfectly.


Because they don’t have to be opened, picture windows can be much more customizable than other types of windows. You can have a picture window made in essentially any shape you desire. This isn’t true of hung windows or sliding windows, for example.


If you’re looking to install a window on the cheap, a picture window would suit you well. Because they contain no opening mechanisms, picture windows are the cheapest on the market.

Ready to Buy Picture Windows in Des Plaines?

What do you think? Are new picture windows the right option for you? If so and if you’re in need of picture windows in Des Plaines, we here at EV Windows can help you.

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