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Signs That It’s Time for a Window Replacement in Southwest Cook County, Illinois

Are your home’s windows no longer performing like they should? While they might technically still get the job done, in terms of insulation and aesthetics, they could be severely lacking. As such, it might be time for a window replacement.

Fortunately, if you live in Southwest Cook County, you have a high-quality window replacement company you can turn to: EV Windows. We are the premier window replacement company in Southwest Cook County, catering to Chicagoland suburbs like Orland Park, Crestwood, Oak Forest, Midlothian, Tinley Park, Hickory Hills, Evergreen Park, and more

If you’re looking for the top-rated window replacement company in any of these towns, we are the company to call.

Do You Need to Install New Windows in Your Home?

There are several signs that indicate the need to install new windows. Some of the most prominent of these signs include the following:

Wind Drafts

When windows are in good shape, they should prevent heat and cold waves from making their way into the home. If you feel strong wind drafts coming through your windows on a regular basis, it’s most likely time for a window replacement. Odds are, their seals have deteriorated, and they’re no longer able to provide the necessary insulation. While you could attempt to repair the seals, a full-on window replacement is generally the best option.


Another sign that you might need a window replacement is that your windows have cracks in them. We’re not talking about small, hard-to-notice cracks — we’re talking about large, impossible-to-ignore cracks that are well over an inch long.

These cracks are an issue, as they reduce the window’s ability to provide insulation. In some cases, they can even provide passageways for ants, spiders, and other insects.

Rising Energy Bills

As a window ages, its insulative quality begins to suffer. As such, the treated air inside your home can easily escape through your windows. This puts more pressure on the home’s HVAC system, causing it to use more electricity.

Therefore, if your energy bills have been rising lately, it’s likely that your windows are playing a role. We recommend looking for other signs of deterioration and making a replacement if necessary.

Difficulty in Opening and Closing

The last sign we’re going to discuss is that you’re having a tough time opening and closing the window. This is either because the window’s tracks have worn down, or because a component within the window’s opening mechanism is damaged. In these situations, a repair might be a possibility. However, in many cases, a full window replacement will be recommended. Your local window replacement company in Southwest Cook County can help you make this determination.

Window Replacement Options

There are all sorts of window replacement options available. Not only are there a variety of materials, but a variety of styles as well.

As far as materials go, wood, vinyl, and fiberglass are some of the most popular options. Wood is known for its aesthetics, whereas vinyl is known for its low-maintenance capabilities, and fiberglass is known as a jack of all trades. For more information on each, give our team a call.

When it comes to styles, you have a wide range of choices — these include single-hung windows, double-hung windows, awning windows, casement windows, bay windows, bow windows, picture windows, and more.

Schedule a Window Replacement in Southwest Cook County, Illinois

Are your windows past their prime? Are you looking for the premier window replacement company in Southwest Cook County, Illinois? If so, EV Windows is the company to call.

We offer a wide variety of windows that are available in several different materials. Regardless of the type of windows, you’re looking for, we have you covered. Contact us today to discuss your options.